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Production Management: Boards and Budgets

FMTV-UT.1296   Lecture   3 Credits

An introductory course to Professional Production Management that provides the student with the information and practice of managing the making of a feature film or long form television show.  Film and television production has many more requirements than simply securing a camera, stock, and actors, and the course will explore those management elements that a filmmaker needs to fulfill in order to shoot and complete.  We will examine the structure of the crew and the collaborative responsibilities of crew members, the legal issues of permits, insurance, rights, clearances and permissions; Screen Actors Guild requirements, the management of the production including scheduling, budgeting, transportation, and the production's responsibilities to cast and crew.  We will pay particular attention to professional practice concerning the structure of the workday, hours and turn around time, and safety issues that are the responsibility of the producer, director, DP and shop steward.  The course will explore techniques for on-set casting, location scouting, tech scouts, and read-thrus.  Each student will be required to prepare a production book for his or her shoot by the end of the class that will include a final marked script, script breakdown pages, shooting schedule, budget, cast, crew and location lists.