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Procedures for Non-Majors wishing to take Film Courses - ONLY for FILM COURSES

This information is only if you are interested in taking a Film Courses.

If you are an NYU student but not a major in the Kanbar Film & TV Department at Tisch, you are eligible to submit a request to take one of our film courses during the Fall or Spring semesters.

Some of our courses are open to non-majors and have separate sections in which non-majors can enroll. For these courses the normal registration procedures apply and you do not need to complete this form. See course listings on Albert to find courses with sections for non-majors. Such courses are also indicated in bold on the back of this form.

POLICIES: Courses are offered to non-majors after all UGFTV students have enrolled. Enrollment by UGFTV students may extend past the first day of classes. Due to high demand and/or limited space not all courses are available, so you are strongly advised to plan and register for an alternate course schedule.

You must meet all class restrictions and have all prerequisites for a requested course.

Non-majors may submit a maximum of (3) Kanbar UGFTV course request forms and enroll in a maximum of (2) Kanbar UGFTV film courses per semester.

Due to the intensive nature of the curriculum, non-majors' enrollment into core production courses (such as Sight & Sound or other core production courses) will not be permitted if open seats are not available by the second class meeting.

SIGHT & SOUND COURSE REQUESTS: Sight & Sound courses (Film, Doc, or Studio) are 6 credits. Your schedule must be able to accommodate 6 total credits if requesting a Sight & Sound. Sight & Sound courses constitute the twocourse limit per semester for non-majors. Non-majors that enroll into a Sight & Sound may not enroll in any other Kanbar UGFTV courses in the same semester.

PROCEDURES: Submit the electronic form via the link on the right or download the paper form on the Tisch Student Affairs site and return to Room 1107 in the main Tisch Building, 721 Broadway.

We honor course request forms in the order that we receive them. Once you submit this completed form you are placed on an in-house, non-major waitlist. The non-major waitlist is maintained separately from viewable course listings on Albert, so information found there (such as open seats or available class space) does not include non-major requests.

You will be contacted if and when space opens in a class with further instructions on how to register, or if a course is closed.

Please note: all out-of-department students are assessed fees above the normal tuition & fees when registering for a class in the Kanbar UGFTV Dept. These fees are not refundable. Please see the reverse side of this form for a listing of fees by course.