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First Run Screenings - Friday, April 23

Event Date and Time:

April 23, 2004
3:30pm - 9:30pm


Cantor Film Center, Theater 200

The Kanbar Institute of Film & Television proudly presents the 2004 First Run Film Festival, showcasing over 150 intermediate and advanced projects in film, video and animation.

All screenings are in upstairs screening room 200, unless otherwise indicated.

3:30 pm - Projects on Video

Brian Reiss  UG

A Log Story  30:00

Eric Siegelstein  UG

What Happened to Branson's Eye  12:40

Becky Goldberg  UG

Hot and Bothered: feminist pornography  30:00

5:00 pm - Projects on Video

Jacob Schreier  UG

Red White & Blue  2:30

Morgan Schechter  UG

Whistlin' Dixie  19:00

Jonathan Chen  UG

A Chronic Christmas  5:00

Redmond Walsh  GR

Gas Station  10:54

Michael Reynolds  UG

We're All Friends Here  7:40

Raquel Stern  UG

Alice & Kitty  14:00

6:30 pm - Projects on 35mm

Greg Smith  UG

White Men in Seminole Flats  23:48

Frederikke Aspöck  GR

Happy Now  18:00

Evan Greenberg  UG

A Boy and A Girl  29:00

8:00 pm - Projects on 35mm

Danny Brown  UG

Sweeto Bandito  12:00

Jim Cantiello  UG

Directing Rye  20:34

Leigh Dana Jackson  GR

The First Three Lives of Stuart Hornsley  28:00

9:30 pm - Projects on Video

Garland McLaurin  GR

Driving While Black Instructional Video  8:40

Quentin Weld  UG

Rosegreen  7:00

Nathan Wey  UG

The Café  5:30

Graham Reznick  UG

The Woman Who Split Before Dinner  25:00

Matt Lambert  UG

The Shy Child  8:00

August Pollak  UG

Hanuman Dance  3:00

Ryan Malanaphy  UG

Fore N.Y.  14:30

Nobuaki Tanaka  GR

Cake  7:30