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Faculty Directory

Kanbar Institute of Film & Television

George C. Stoney

George C. Stoney
Paulette Goddard Professor of Film

Phone: 212 998 1718

Office: 721 Broadway Room 1113


Taught film at University of Southern California, City College, Columbia University, and Stanford University.

Lectures and short courses at the British National Film School, Portland State University, University of Ibadan in Nigeria, Antioch College, UCLA, and others.

Writer, director, and producer of over 50 documentaries and television series, including the award winning “All My Babies” (1953), “How the Myth Was Made” (1978), “Southern Voices” (1985), “How One Painter Sees” (1988), “Images of The Great Depression” (1990), and “The Uprising of'34” (1995).

Executive producer for the Challenge for Change program at the National Film Board of Canada (1968-1970). Founding board member of the Alliance for Community Media.  Recipient of NYU Great Teacher Award (1988) and Manhattan Borough President's Award (1989). Named to the Manhattan Community Cable Access Board (1991).